Another fun fact. I haven’t eaten at Burger King in years, but this morning right after I woke up I burped and it tasted like a char grilled burger

Fun fact. I have never received any anon comments/asks/questions and only two other humans have communicated with me via tumblr. Why am I still wasting my time?? WAAHH I just want friends

Any antler collectors around here? I just got a new whitetail antler and I have some questions about it??

WHYY Do people get tattoos as “reminders”???? Like, you literally forget that it’s there after a while??? Especially if it’s not on your fucking hand or arm or something where you see it everyday????

I’ve dropped my phone into a river and into a gravity bong and it’s fine


I found someone local who does home tattoos and I just want to vomit and scream

I really don’t like eating anything that has been cooked in a microwave except for popcorn. Am I the only one who thinks it messes with the texture of stuff in all the wrong ways?

I’m slightly irritable right after I’ve gotten out of bed and during that time my kitten loves to lay down near me and make terrible licking sounds

Saw a picture of two amputated diabetic legs and the soles looked like scrapple. Omfg

OMG my mom just told me my brother spent the winter using a rotisserie chicken roaster as a space heater in his bedroom???

When I had my kitten spayed, my first cat didn’t recognize her again for over a week

Look at me go I never post to the right blog

I will never sleep?